PPS Partners on Integrated Partner Management (IPM) at Department of Education, Federal Student Aid

PPS as a partner of prime contractor Digital Management, Inc. (DMI) was awarded a contract for development of the IPM application, a large system that will replace several existing legacy systems and interface with multiple internal and external systems. IPM is a strategic effort that will, through process modernization and automation provide, in one solution, enrollment, eligibility, and oversight processes used to manage partner entities (schools, school servicers, lenders, lender servicers, guarantee agencies, state agencies, federal agencies, accrediting agencies, auditors, and owners) as they administer Title IV Financial Aid for students. IPM will significantly improve the business operations (including critical monitoring and oversight functions) by creating the ability to track partner activities through the full life cycle within Federal Student Aid's systems, and provide a single integrated solution for all partner activities.

The initial award is for Iteration 0, a 10-month effort, with subsequent iterations to be awarded later for a total of 36 months. For additional information, please contact Federal Sector President Bob Rosscoe at rosscoe@ppsco.com.