PPS Awarded Multi-Year Contract PEPS/eApp, Federal Student Aid, Department of Education

Federal Student Aid (FSA) has awarded PPS a contract for ongoing operations and maintenance of the Postsecondary Education Participants System (PEPS) and Electronic Application System (eApp) systems.  The contract begins August 1 with a base period and option periods totaling five years, with a total contract value of $3,963,786.  PPS was selected over several competitors including the incumbent, and will provide exceptional value to FSA.

The Secretary of the Department of Education has the responsibility of ensuring that each postsecondary educational institution seeking or participating in the Federal Student Aid Title IV programs, under the Higher Education Act (HEA) as amended, comply with the laws, regulations and policies to gain or maintain participation in  those programs.  PEPSprovides detailed information concerning the eligibility of schools, the Title IV programs in which the schools participate, the types of degrees and programs schools offer, the results of audits and program reviews of schools, lenders, and guarantors, the default rates of schools, lenders, and guarantors.  To ensure consistency of eligibility data across the enterprise PEPS supplies data via electronic interfaces to other Federal Student Aid Title IV delivery systems, which facilitates financial aid being administered accurately and timely to institutions and students.  Approximately 800 users access PEPS.

The eAppsystem is Federal Student Aid’s electronic application that institutions participating or seeking participation in the Title IV program use to apply for designation as an eligible institution, initial participation, recertification, reinstatement, change in ownership, or to update a current approval.   The eApp provides the capability for institutions, domestic and foreign, seeking or reapplying for participation in Federal Student Aid’s Title IV programs to submit their application via the Internet.  The eApp also allows institutions access to check their status, view and retrieve their Program Participation Agreement (PPA) and Eligibility and Certification Approval Report (ECAR); update their institution’s name and/or address, report change in officials and update their Federal School Code address.  Approximately 6,000 institutions use eApp.