PPS awarded the ITA-EAI contract at Federal Student Aid (FSA), Department of Education

A team led by PPS InfoTech was awarded a five-year Firm Fixed Price contract by the U.S. Department of Education. Team PPS consists of IBM Corp., INDUS Corp., and RSG. Team PPS will be providing comprehensive and effective architecture maintenance, operational, and production support for the Integrated Technical Architecture (ITA) and the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) implemented for use by Federal Student Aid (FSA) systems.
The contract consists of one base year and four option years.

This ITA and EAI Architecture Maintenance Support project is a continuation and combination of the current ITA and EAI projects that provide enhancement/upgrading and architecture maintenance support to vital enterprise architecture and infrastructure that support FSA systems used by the FSA, students, schools, financial partners, and other stakeholders associated with the delivery of Federal Student Financial Aid.

The ITA provides an integrated, enterprise-wide technical architecture that enables FSA to facilitate the development and execution of FSA applications in support of FSA’s mission and business strategy. The ITA is a strategic component of the overall FSA enterprise architecture. It is based on IBM WebSphere and is comprised of three core architecture domains: Internet, Integration, and Infrastructure. The ITA is expected to evolve as FSA systems are modified or retired and new applications are added to the ITA environment.

The EAI architecture addresses the FSA Business Channels’ need to access common data and business processes across disparate systems. The technical services provided by the EAI architecture support students, schools, and financial partners by enabling FSA systems to exchange information via common, reusable methods. The EAI is mainly based on the IBM MQSeries and provides the messaging infrastructure for connectivity between applications, COTS products, data warehousing and other systems, as well as web-based solutions. The EAI messaging infrastructure and advanced integration capabilities, such as message/data transformation, provide an overall service delivery system with standard interfaces upon which new and legacy systems can depend.

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