Service Oriented Architecture

A service oriented architecture (SOA) enables flexible connectivity of applications or resources by representing every application or resource as a service with a standardized interface. This enables them to exchange structured information about business events, including messages, documents, and 'business objects', quickly and flexibly. This flexibility enables new and existing applications to be easily and quickly combined to address changing business needs, and the ability to easily combine and choreograph applications allows IT services to more readily reflect business processes. 

PPS is helping our Government clients to realize the SOA approach through the development and implementation of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technologies. ESB is a pattern of middleware that unifies and connects services, applications and resources within a business. In other words, it is the framework within which the capabilities of a business' applications are made available for reuse by other applications throughout the organization and beyond. The ESB is not a new software product but rather a new way of looking at how to integrate applications, coordinate resources and manipulate information.

SOA ESB Diagram