Content Migration from Legacy Systems

In the past 29 years, PPS has helped our clients move from legacy to modern systems while preserving the quality and completeness of their existing information. Our Data Analytics Engineers works alongside the client throughout the entire process, from identifying optimal migration path to post migration training.

Content Migration

Our Content Migration Services include:

  • Identify and/or Develop the tool set required for the migration
  • Identify and analyze optimal migration paths from one system to another
  • Provide recommendations for Information Architecture and data source mapping
  • Extract, Transform, and Load information to new system
  • Provide Post Migration Testing and Analysis for quality assurance
  • Provide Post Migration Training and Support

Our engineers have hands on experience with content migration to and from WebSphere Portal, Microsoft SharePoint, and Drupal. Please contact us if you would like to learn more regarding our implementations and white papers regarding content migration.

PPS have migrated content from multiple legacy systems and applications of varying sizes. Our engineers are keen on delivering and organized, intuitive, easy to use layout in the new system that best represents the existing data set.