Team Biographies



Kristen Blanco

Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Blanco, Chief Executive Officer

As PPS InfoTech's Chief Executive Officer, Kristen Blanco brings over 17 years of experience in executive management and information technology service delivery and operations. Kristen has managed large scale IT programs for the federal government, state agencies and large universities across the US and specializes in mobile/web development, contact center technologies and cloud implementations.

Prior to joining PPS Kristen was a Vice President at General Dynamics Information Technology responsible for managing the Education practice within the Federal, State and Private sector.

Kristen received her Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from The Ohio State University.



Jeff Seigle

Vice President of Delivery

Jeff Seigle, President, Federal

Jeff Seigle has 30 years of experience in the IT industry, including over 20 years of management in government contracting, commercial consulting, and commercial products and services.

Jeff started his career as a developer in a variety of applications, including automotive, orbit support, and air traffic control. As a manager at a large consulting company, Jeff developed and delivered on projects ranging from technical training to air traffic control for Taiwan to a billing system for a New York wireless telephone startup. Jeff spent six years as manager of billing and payment systems at a large domain name registrar. Later, after two years as a project management consultant at a non-profit Federally Funded Research and Development Center, Jeff was excited to accept an opportunity at PPS.

Jeff joined PPS InfoTech in 2007 as Vice President of Delivery, overseeing operations in PPS’ program at Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid. He evaluates day-to-day operations of projects and services, and manages their process improvement program. In 2009 he oversaw PPS’ successful effort to be appraised as a CMMI Maturity Level 3 Maturity organization.

When relaxing away from the office Jeff enjoys time with his wife and two children, playing jazz guitar, and photography.





Board of Directors


Willie Huo

Willie Huo, President

Willie Huo has more than 35 years of experience in IT executive management, project management, data center operations, system and software engineering, large-scale system integration and deployment, and system test and evaluation. His applications experience includes telecommunications, air traffic control, and real-time spacecraft telemetry acquisition and command and control systems. Mr. Huo interfaced with Federal government cabinet-level executives and provided testimonies to Congress, and responded to GAO, OMB, and OIG audits and inquiries.

Mr. Huo is a hands-on project executive. He taught and instituted Earned Value-based Performance Measurement Systems (EIA-748) on a DOI contract in 1993, and a CMS project in 1996 before EVMS became prevalent. Mr. Huo was responsible for developing and instituting the first EVMS-Lite at Federal Student Aid on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) project. He was instrumental in the development of instituting Software and Testing Metrics Collection Systems, Risk Management systems, and Technical Performance Measurement (TPM) systems. Mr. Huo developed Web-based software life cycle methodology and associated S&Ps to eliminate paper-based documentation in preparation of SEI CMM audit reviews in 1997.

Mr. Huo is a co-founder and co-owner of PPS InfoTech. Prior to PPS, Mr. Huo worked for CSC for 19 years where he managed the CMS Data Center, CMS/CWFM, and the largest civilian agency system integration contract ever awarded. He managed various projects with NASA JPL and GSFC, FAA, Taiwan Civil Aviation, UK Air Traffic Control, BLM/DOI, HHS/CMS, HUD, and various Fortune 500 IT companies. Mr. Huo is currently writing a book to "debunk the myth of the current project management culture and trend.


David Huo

David Huo, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. David Huo received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of New Orleans, and a Master of Science degree from University of Texas in Austin in Technology Commercialization.

Mr. Huo began his career at Standard Oil of California in San Francisco working in the Logistics Division as a Programmer/, going on to Middle South Utilities of New Orleans supporting the company’s billing system.

In 1983 Mr. Huo moved to Los Angeles and founded PPS, an IT consulting firm established to provide design and integration services for area’s businesses. PPS set its initial focus on multiple industries in the southern California region, supporting mainly the accounting and data communication needs of medium sized businesses. In 1998 Mr. Huo founded PPS InfoTech LLC to focus attention on the growth in the federal government for IT services. Since 1999, PPS has seen continued growths in both revenue and employee base and has established itself as a well-respected small business in the Washington D.C. area.

Mr. Huo has served both as an advisor and as a member on the board of several startup technology companies in California and has performed technical and business model assessments of new ventures for investors interested in their technologies.


Bob Rosscoe

Bob Rosscoe, President, Federal

As PPS InfoTech' s President Bob Rosscoe brings over 25 years' experience in management, business development, corporate operations and finance in leading project service delivery and management of corporate administrative functions. Bob has managed large complex programs in the Information Technology field and has extensive experience in middleware technologies, application development, system testing and integration, SOA, virtualization and cloud technologies and development frameworks.

Under Bob's leadership PPS has grown to an established, multi-year project-based organization engaged in the design, development, implementation and on-going operations of information systems and services within the Federal and Private sectors.

Prior to joining PPS Bob was a Project Executive at IBM corporation responsible for managing a portfolio of accounts in the Federal civilian sector.

Bob received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.